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What does Plagiocephaly have to do with torticollis?

Often if there is a plagiocephaly, there is also a torticollis in the neck, which explains why the flat spot on your baby's head is on one side. By addressing the torticollis, you are addressing the plagiocephaly because it can improve baby's neck range of motion, thereby changing the preference your baby often wants to look, or sleep.

What do you do if your baby has a torticollis? This means the neck muscles on your baby’s one side may be tight, and the neck muscles on the opposite side are weak. Your baby prefers to look one direction, and her head may be tilted either right or left but generally opposite of the way they prefer to look. These activities will help strengthen the neck muscles to correct the problem. 1. Place toys on the side they do not prefer to look. Try holding back their opposite shoulder to help them turn their neck and not just their body 2. Roll your baby onto their side (generally the opposite side they prefer to look), this will help them tilt their head to that side. Try lifting them slightly and they will right themselves against gravity. This helps to strengthen the opposite side that may be weak Often a baby with a flat head or plagiocephaly has an associated torticollis that needs to be addressed. Stretching can be a great way to overcome a torticollis. If you are unsure of how to perform these stretches, contact a paediatric physiotherapist and have an assessment done.

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