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Tracking your Baby’s Motor Development

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

It is important to track your baby’s motor development because if there are any delays, the earlier this is picked up, the earlier treatment can begin if needed. Here is a brief summary of what to expect:

1 Month-when a baby is prone (on their tummy), they can only lift their head briefly at this age. Most movements of the limbs and trunk happen through primitive reflexes. These reflexes will fade out once higher brain function develops allowing more conscious directed movements.

3 Months- at 3 months a baby should be able to control their head movements when placed upright. On their tummy, you will see more control and the head coming up off the floor for longer periods of time.

4-6 months-at this stage you will see more coordination of muscles and purposeful movements. They will start to roll over. They can often sit with their hands out front supporting them.

6-9 months-by this time, babies can sit independently and may start crawling, Some can start to pull up to a standing position. The nervous system is continuing to develop and movements become more controlled with better coordination.

9-12 months-they continue to refine their movements at this stage. They are now able to crawl and stand and may start cruising along furniture. Most babies will walk between 9-14 months. But this may take longer for some.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s development feel free to contact me directly. There may be some great exercises you can do to help things along!

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